99 Unordinary Nails Designs Ideas For Valentines Day

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One of the simplest ways to add a little bit of creativity is to add texture. Glitter polish can be that necessary embellishment to take simple nail designs from ordinary to high fashion. Too much glitter, however, will ruin your design. Toning glitter down with a solid color is the way to go.

Simple Nail Designs with Glitter

The hands featured in the image contain jungle green confetti against a lime green background. The glitter or confetti adds a bit of shimmer and interest to this simple nail design. These hands would really stand out in a photo shoot or demand attention from your clothes. The good thing about simple nail designs is that you can easily select different colors without sacrificing the design. For example, these nails would look lovely if you used bright, red glitter and a baby pink background. It would be just perfect for Valentine’s Day. This look is great, too, if you desire a fresh, earthy look.

To achieve this look, do the following:

• Start with your choice of glitter polish first. Paint the tips of your nails with the polish.

• Let the glitter polish dry.

• Apply a solid color nail polish across your nails. Start by painting over half of the glitter nail polish tip (diagonally) and then painting the rest of your bottom nail.

• Finish with clear polish or top coat.

Here’s a tip! Create small designs on top of your base coat to make their nails even more interesting. Do not over do it since the glitter is overpowering enough.


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