99 Cute Winter Business Casual Outfit Ideas For Women

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Women, are you looking for ways to pull your business casual wardrobe together? Well, look no farther than making black the basis of your wardrobe.

It’s true that in the past few seasons, magazines are tripping over themselves in excitement to announce that color is back. All the more reason to make black the backbone of your wardrobe.

With a basic back wardrobe you can add pops of color, or the latest accessories. But as a working women, when you get out of bed and need to dress in a hurry, a black, almost minimalist wardrobe is a great start.

Here are 10 top reasons for using black in your business casual wardrobe:

1. Black never goes out of style, so splurge on great-fitting black pants, and a black jacket and skirt. You can mix and match them with any color and style of accessories.

2. Black goes with everything, so you never have to wonder if this color or that accessory coordinates with your black basics.

3. You can wear the same black dress, skirt or pants five times a week, and no one will every notice.

4. You only need to dry clean your black outfits a few times a year.

5. Black really does make you appear taller and slimmer.

6. Black looks expensive, even if it’s not.

7. You can wear black all year, summer and winter, day and evening.

8. You can wear black opaque stocking with a skirt. They hide everything and make all women’s legs look long and slim. Best of all, they are in style right now, and never go out of style.

9. If you spill something on your black outfit, it won’t show, and won’t ruin your outfit.

10. You always match!


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