99 Stylish Natural Hair Ideas With Wigs African

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When your hair is in transition from being relaxed to being in its natural state, it needs protective styling to help retain new growth. But even after your hair has completed the process of transitioning, protective styles for natural hair should be worn to help prevent breakage and to generally help keep your hair and scalp healthy.

Taking It Easy

Many African-American women have the misunderstanding that their hair is thick and coarse, mainly because of how voluminous it appears. More often than not, however, naturally curly hair is quite fine. It’s the overall curl pattern, rather than the thickness of each individual strand of hair, that gives the hair so much volume.

What’s important to note is that fine hair requires very gentle care. If you’re frustrated, thinking your hair just doesn’t grow, it’s actually more likely that it’s breaking off at the ends and simply not retaining new growth. As long as you have a healthy scalp, eat a healthy diet, and otherwise enjoy good health, there’s no reason your hair won’t do what it does naturally – grow. Your job is simply to use gentle care to hold onto the growth.

Well-Known Protective Styles

Among the most popular protective styles for natural hair are braids, cornrows, flat twists, buns, and weaves. These hairstyles do all offer protection from the elements and secure the fragile ends of your hair so they aren’t exposed to manipulation and wear. They also keep your hair from getting caught up in purse straps, spaghetti straps, zippers, and buttons, and from rubbing against clothing which puts wear and tear on the hair.


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