99 Popular Hipster Teen Outfit Ideas For Fall

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White or coloured jeans

Yes, you can wear white jeans throughout the summer but keep them slim fit and wash them regularly! Coloured jeans are still big, it’s worth buying at least one pair but don’t go crazy with lots of different pairs because you can’t decide on your favourite colour – who knows how long this trend will last?

Maxi dress

What a fab item. There’s a style to suit everyone out there and with fans like Angelina Jolie keeping them ‘en vogue’ they are a real Models Direct favourite.


You must have a beach cover up if you want to keep your skin looking great. We would recommend a kaftan for the summer months, perfect for the job and available in a huge range of styles

Short shorts

Short shorts are an essential item this summer. If you don’t want to wear them alone they look great with coloured leggings or tights and you can keep wearing them this way long after the sunny weather ends. If you have a pair of old unwanted jeans cut them off to make your own – and leave the rough edge, it’s part of the look!


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