99 Perfect Makeup Ideas For Moms To Try Right Now

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Mature women have different needs than younger women when it comes to makeup.  They still want to look as beautiful as ever, but often realize their old and previously used brands of makeup aren’t looking the way they used to.  Over time the skin will begin to fade and line and wrinkles begin to form.  Using a quality cleanser and moisturizer will help manage the wrinkles, but there will have to be some adjustments to the makeup that’s used.

Older women should be looking for makeup that is formulated to enhance their natural mature beauty.  The makeup should accomplish two things; it should conceal any minor wrinkles and flaws and add a bit of color to the skin.  Makeup for the older woman shouldn’t layer the face with colors and foundations that try to make the skin look younger.  Using a heavy foundation on older skin will often make any wrinkles look even deeper.  Bare Essentials makeup is perfect for mature skin; it is light and sheer, allowing the beauty of the skin to show.

One thing to remember when applying makeup to mature skin is to not use too much.  If the make-up is heavy and doesn’t highlight your features or blend with your skin tone it can make you look years older than you really are. Mineral makeup, like Bare Essentials makeup is perfect for mature skin since it allows you to achieve the perfect level of coverage for your needs without looking heavy or unnatural.  In addition to looking great, it also feels great on the skin. Applying Bare Essentials makeup to mature skin couldn’t be easier.

The makeup is applied in a circular motion with a large makeup brush.  Just did the brush in the mineral foundation and shake off any excess.  Be sure to apply the foundation to clean skin that has been properly moisturized.  The application is simple and quick, taking just a little practice to master this technique. Choose a foundation color, or a combination of two that will perfectly match your skin tone.  The key to looking beautiful as you mature is to look as natural as possible.



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